what is kaiut yoga?

The Yoga for Everybody

Kaiut Yoga is the yoga for everybody and every body type. Simple and effective poses allow each student to work with their unique body and mind.  Our teachers are trained to address the unique needs of individuals within the class setting.  Each student is supported to achieve their desired results and potential.  People of all ages, yoga background, levels of mobility and flexibility, from athletes to those working with illness, injury and pain have experienced profound results.  Kaiut Yoga meets you as you are and continues to meet you as you change and grow. 

The Method for Our
Modern Lifestyle

The way we as a species use our bodies has changed over the centuries.  Our modern age is characterised by excessive sitting, less physical activity, repetitive and specialist use of the body, technology, as well as new and increasing stressors.  This way of living diminishes our mobility, functionality and health.  Kaiut Yoga understands this impact of our modern lifestyle and aims to engage the body and mind in a way that restores functionality so we can be at our best. 
During class we move the body in all the ways it’s meant to move. This engages the natural intelligence of our body and mind rewiring our brain and nervous system. This whole process greatly supports our overall health and wellness. Kaiut Yoga offers you the tools and experiences to maintain health while navigating our modern lives.
Close up of students foot, with ball of foot in strap held by hands
Francisco Kaiut sitting on a platform talking to a group of students seated in front of him
Close up of students foot, with ball of foot in strap held by hands

The Evolution of Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut Yoga has been in development over thirty years. It originated in Brazil with the creator of the Method, Francisco KaiutFrancisco has integrated knowledge of ancient yoga teachings, chiropractics and bodywork modalities, modern psychology and neuroscience, and the unique experiences of thousands of students.  There are now nine official Kaiut Yoga schools in Brazil and a growing number in the United States.  Hundreds of teachers world-wide passionately share this method to individuals looking for effective, accessible, natural ways to support their health and wellbeing

The Kaiut Yoga Difference

function above form

Kaiut Yoga is not about achieving an exact shape in a pose. Everyone has a unique body and mind that translates into their own unique shape in everything we do.  Respecting this fact allows us to focus on improving the overall function of the body instead of attaining a “perfectly shaped” pose.  As students learn how to practice at their optimal edge of mobility in the pose, they awaken their individual potential available within. 


Yoga was always meant for everybody, yet many modern styles are only accessible to those who are already fit or flexible.  In contrast Kaiut Yoga can be practiced by everyone.  Our teachers are trained to find creative, positive, inclusive and attractive solutions for students in everything we do.  Similarly, students learn to be inclusive with themselves, welcoming and working with the reality of their body and mind each moment.

Nature of evolution

Nature is in a constant state of adaptation and evolution.  Yoga is the practice of returning us to nature so we too can adapt and evolve.  Kaiut Yoga aligns students with the natural intelligence inside each of us.  Allowing and supporting the intelligence of nature to operate and flow leads to health & wellness.


Kaiut Yoga often produces immediate and profound positive results for individuals, but more importantly it aims to deliver changes that last!  Kaiut Yoga teaches students how to engage with their practice, and ultimately with themselves, in a sustainable way.  Students learn how to practice with consistency and at a pace so that positive results are retained and improved on, ongoing.  We want you to be moving and feeling well at the age of 90!

learn to listen

The skill of listening is fundamental to Kaiut Yoga.  Students cultivate the capacity to listen to both the teacher’s guidance and their internal experience.  Cultivating this skill of listening to the feelings in the body and mind enables neurological reconnections to the body which support healing and our ability to increase our own capacities.  When we listen, we learn, allowing for new possibilities and experiences.


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