Kelly | Owner & Teacher

As a former college athlete Kelly started to encounter the negative effects of repetitive movement around the age of 35. These effects eventually led to a year and a half of back pain. When she discovered Kaiut in 2015, the practice started unwinding not just the years of her softball fastpitch but also the years of many other sports as well as the impacts of aging and day-to-day stress. Fast forward and today she feels better than she did in her early 30s. With a background in Comparative Religion graduate studies, years of corporate experience on Wall Street, and many not-for-profit posts Kelly turned a corner committing herself to bringing Kaiut Yoga to St. Louis. Inspired by the changes in her body and improvement in her overall wellbeing, she undertook teacher training with Francisco Kaiut in 2017 and continues to explore what it is to live the method. Her mission is to deliver this method, with quality, to her hometown community.

Lori Zucker, Kaiut Yoga St. Louis Teacher

Lori | Teacher

For Lori, Kaiut Yoga is a powerful source of transformation. Lori lost her 11 year-old daughter Ari in November 2017, after Ari’s nine-year battle with cancer. Lori found herself in a very deep hole with seemingly no way out. She started practicing Kaiut Yoga in January 2018. She experienced relief from gaining some space around her thoughts and grief during practice. Overtime, The Method has also delivered better mobility and an overall sense of wellness. From the encouragement of Kelly, Lori attended teacher training with Francisco Kaiut. As a teacher Lori wants each student to access peace within themselves, whatever life situations they are facing. Lori is passionate about sharing this practice across St Louis where she was born and raised. She firmly believes that everyone can benefit from this practice whatever state or shape they are in.

Claire Chang, Kaiut Yoga St. Louis Teacher

Claire | Teacher

Claire initially sought out yoga to help manage chronic physical and psychological issues. She found Kaiut Yoga after fifteen years of pursuing traditional methods of meditation and yoga around the globe. The Method immediately made sense in her body and mind and she experienced many positive results. It continues to be both the gateway and cornerstone to greater health, wellness, insight and understanding across all areas of her life. Claire is based in Australia and guest teaches internationally. Deeply inspired from her experiences with Kaiut Yoga, Claire is committed to knowing this method from the inside-out. She wishes each student can experience and benefit from Kaiut Yoga in personally meaningful ways. Outside of yoga, Claire works as a Psychotherapist specializing in working with complex, chronic and extreme issues mental health issues, and spends time exploring the great outdoors.

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