be at your best physically, mentally & emotionally

Yoga is a natural tool in your quest for sustainable health and wellness. The Kaiut Yoga Method uses simple poses that are customizable to each student's unique body and mind. It is accessible and effective for people of all ages, mobility, flexibility, pain, injury or experience. Increase freedom of movement, improve circulation, harmonize the physical structure, calm the mind and explore your potential.

Close up of yoga student doing arm work
Close up of yoga student lying down with head on bolster, hands interlocked underneath, neck turned to right, legs in sciatic stretch on wall

"It's like working out and sleeping at the same time."

See what ELSE our students are saying about kaiut yoga

Close up of students heels and feet in the air
Close up of student sitting on floor flexed forward in cross-legged position
"Practicing and teaching Kaiut Yoga online or in-person, provides an anchor in my day... enables me to connect with myself, return my nervous system to a grounded state, move forward and even be productive."
Kelly Childs
Kaiut Yoga St. Louis Owner & Teacher