Classes at School – all props are typically required, however due to changes from global pandemic students are encouraged to bring their own mat, small towel to use on bolsters, and strap if they have one. All props will be available at the school to use if students do not own any (see further information in the question on school cleaning processes).

Classes Online – information on what equipment/props to have for taking classes online, see Online Classes page.

Comfortable clothes – t-shirts, sweatpants, or shorts, and long-sleeve top/sweater can to stay comfortable during cooler temperatures or during relaxation at the end of class.

No, Kaiut Yoga is for Everyone. We have students that have never practiced before, to those who have regularly practiced modern styles of yoga for many years. 

We have young adults to those in the 90s who practice Kaiut Yoga. Our method works from the joints improving mobility and functionality whatever the ‘starting point’. 

Yes. Kaiut Yoga has fantastic results with chronic pain. Individual adjustments can be made throughout the class to accommodate more intense stiffness points. The method was designed to diminish the impact of modern living, so poor mobility is the basis of our work.

Then Kaiut Yoga is for you. This yoga works to counteract the biomechanical impact of aging on our bodies.

All props are disinfected with natural products following each class. The school space is cleaned before and after each class. Hand sanitizer is available for students. The school is committed to improving cleaning processes and following any workplace and government guidelines.

Classroom of students lying down, head on bolster, with their left leg extended in air using the strap